We've all heard the old adage, "A jack of all trades is a master of none." I believe there is some truth to those words; however, there are some that have been gifted to master more than one thing, do many things at a level of mastery and address many topics and diverse audiences at a level of GREATNESS.

I have to admit, I haven't been gifted to master more than one thing yet, nor do I do many things at a level of mastery yet, however, I do address many topics and diverse audiences at a level of GREATNESS!

Why? Because GREATNESS is my standard of how I prepare for my keynotes, presentations, assemblies, trainings and workshops no matter the size of the audience.

GREATNESS happens through the customization process of gathering information and learning as much as I possibly can about the mission, purpose and vision of your team, school, company and/or organization. Once I do my homework about your world, then I can stand before your group and allow GREATNESS to happen.

GREATNESS is contagious! Can you feel it?

Looking forward to having a conversation about your needs very soon! - Kevin

Kevin Bracy, from a National Society of Leadership and Success speaker to the NSLS host.

Kevin Bracy:

Kevin keynoting for the NSLS

  • Your presentation on Everyday Greatness was very well received and motivational to our management team. The information in your speech was both fascinating and inspirational. Several of the team members referred to aspects of your presentation throughout the remainder of the day.

    Randy Karr
    California Family Fitness

  • Mr. Bracy has exceeded our expectations to motivate our business leaders in reaching their business goals. He has been most effective in motivating and uplifting my business leaders resulting in increased productivity.

    Ken Westenskow
    President, Wesko International Associates

  • I had several conversations with Kevin before our conference regarding the keynote address. He wanted to know the makeup of the audience as well as their concerns. He had us complete a questionnaire and made follow up calls to make sure he understood our issues. He was very careful to make sure his message “fit” the audience.

    Joan Albers
    Past President
    California Career Education Association

  • We have had the pleasure of having Kevin speak to our seniors at the end of the school year for the past four years. Kevin is a remarkable speaker who captivates his audience year after year. Kevin’s motivational message is fitting, inspirational and compelling.

    Gail Wasserman
    Assistant Principal/Academic Advisor
    Saratoga High School

  • You have a fantastic presentation style and had us all completely engrossed the instant you began speaking ... Every member of our sales team was talking about you after our meeting and discussing ways to implement your ideas in their personal and professional lives, including me.

    Ed Cox
    Vice President
    Sales Manager
    Fidelity National Title Company

  • Kevin’s positive energy and enthusiasm were infectious. His subject matter was inspiring, insightful, humorous and pertinent to the topics our industry is currently facing. Kevin stated his goal was to motivate people with the power of positive words, and he was successful.

    Tim Cooper
    Branch Manager
    Mission Hills Mortgage Bankers

  • Kevin Bracy has been a huge part of our football programs success over the past few years. He is character driven and he shows our players that they can reach Greatness by believing in the team concept and making good decisions at home, in school and in the community.

    Casey Taylor
    Head Football Coach
    Del Oro High School

  • Thanks to you and your outstanding opening and closing presentations our students were completely pumped up and motivated to proceed through the day.  Your easy-going, commanding stage presence delivers information students want to hear.

    Pam Knapp
    Career Center Director/Counselor
    Linden High School

  • Kevin Bracy was very inspiring and exciting speaker. The way he was able to capture the whole audience’s attention was amazing. His life trials and tribulations prove with hard work and dedication that anything can be accomplished.

    Corey Shimada
    Baseball Student Athlete
    University of Utah

  • In this tough economy one of the most crucial elements for our realtors to have is the right mindset and attitude when starting the new year off. That’s why we are so honored to have Kevin speak to our agents to get them energized and to make sure their beliefs are in the right place so we can all move forward throughout the year and work towards a profitable business.

    Chris Ha
    CEO/Team Leader
    Keller Williams Realty Elk Grove

  • Wow, I’m not sure how to truly express how wonderful I thought you were.  I KNOW you moved some of those kids in there, and they will remember you. 

    Michelle Vien
    Case Manager
    CASA of El Dorado County

  • Kevin’s an awesome guy. He puts some magical words in you. Anything is doable if you believe. We went into halftime and talked to each other. You’re looking up at the scoreboard like ‘wow,’ but once you realize that’s not a lot, we can come back and make that up easily, we just did what we had to do…

    Max Magleby
    Del Oro High School

  • I can’t begin to explain to you the impact you had on the lives of our distributor employees! You’re not only a professional, but your flexibility to engage and capture our diverse audience on two separate occasions in two totally different and non-traditional settings showed that you were prepared, focused, and passionate about delivering change, motivation and personal growth.

    Tracy B. Neal
    General Manager, San Francisco & Hawaii
    Miller/Coors LLC

  • Kevin’s presence is A+. His voice, his actions, his stories kept the students attention. Good information for a great deal of our students.

    Marlene Muscarnera
    Jamaica, NY
    Mary Louis Academy

  • This is the second time Kevin met with this group of students. He first talked to them last year when they were juniors. He did a wonderful job last year. This time, Kevin also did an outstanding job of presenting a realistic picture of college and beyond.

    Nancy Cash
    Pasadena, California
    John Marshall Fundamental School

  • Kevin was knowledgeable, confident, in control of the audience and obviously enthusiastic about his topic; he was interesting and enjoyed talking to the students.

    Jerri Bellona
    Carson City, NV
    Carson High School

  • Your speech was inspirational on so many levels.  I feel that I can be a better career person, student, friend and overall person.  It is so commendable for someone of your magnitude to take the time and out deliver the “real” stuff.

    La’Tisha Collins
    St. John’s University

  • Kevin Bracy encouraged our students to first, realize what their dreams are, then believe that dreams can come true, and then achieve them! He connected with the entire group with his personal stories of struggle and triumph.

    Gayle Losch
    Activities Director
    Vista Del Lago

  • It was a pleasure working with you on the recent Medtronic Sales meeting. I want to thank you for providing a very motivating presentation. I received very favorable feedback from numerous members of the Medtronic Sales team who thought your presentation was full of energy, enthusiasm and sound advice.

    Michael Valencia
    Senior Manager

  • We are so thankful for your God given talent and expertise as you were able to dramatically re-focus our team of United States Air Force professionals, while emphasizing our core values of “Integrity, Service Before Self and Excellence in all we do.” Your skillful inter-mingling of our mission objectives and vision into your presentation was extremely well received.

    349 Air Mobility Wing Chiefs Group

  • Kevin Bracy was truly inspiring to our football team and built in a mentality of greatness.  Our team had always struggled with confidence, but his words of wisdom brought change into the way our kids approached everyday mentally.”

    Coach Montoya
    Head Football Coach
    Placer High School

  • Thank you so much for your outstanding presentation to the student athletes at the University of Utah. Each year the Student Athlete Mentors organize this beginning of the year event and according to feedback from student athletes; this was the best Student Athlete Conference within the last four years! (Seniors only had the last four years for a comparison.)

    Mary Bowman
    Associate Athletics Director
    University of Utah

  • Nothing in life worth having comes without sacrifice. Football is no different. It is a game of mental and physical toughness and coming together to battle adversity. Great triumphs and great rewards require great courage, great determination, and great sacrifice.

    Ryan Gomes
    Head Football Coach
    Cosumnes Oaks High School

  • The presentation was excellent. Kevin did a wonderful job of getting the students involved and also sharing his personal experience. His content was innovative and Kevin was very personable.

    Connie Chan
    San Francisco, California
    Abraham Lincoln High School

  • I have learned so much from your presentation.  I have a new outlook on life, like a blindfold has been fully removed. I know I’ll be confident in everything I do so I no longer have to say what if…or I should have.  Thank you Mr. Bracy, you have left a huge positive impact on my life.

    John Upshaw
    Purdue University

  • What an amazing way to begin a new year! Your presentation on “Bringing out the Greatness in you” was very well received by all of the agents in attendance – along with my Account Executives and me! Get Up, Get Out, Go Get It is a perfect way to inspire Real Estate Agents to do just that! I highly recommend you to share your gift to more of our Real Estate community.

    Jill Duncan Kahl
    Regional Vice President
    Old Republic Home Protection

  • Thank you very much for sharing your amazing story with the students from Mesa Verde High School. Your presentation was outstanding and I would recommend it to any High School principal.

    Paul Oropallo
    Mesa Verde High School

  • Words cannot express the depth of my gratitude to you for the phenomenally successful series of motivational discourses you provided to our Real Estate partners over the past week in Yuba City, Oroville, Chico and Redding, California. We have been inundated with calls and cards of appreciation for the “Massive dose” of motivation during these difficult times for our industry.

    John J Connelly
    Executive Vice President
    Mission Hills Mortgage Bankers

  • During your presentation, I kept looking around the room to see how people were reacting to your words of encouragement and powerful message. And believe me, you had captivated the audience. I felt this overwhelming sense of energy in the room while you gave your presentation.

    Glenn Hollern
    General Agent
    Northern California Territory
    Colonial Life and Accident Insurance Company

  • Speaker-Excellent-on time, professional and a very effective speaker

    Brenda Hodges
    Brookings, OR
    Brookings-Harbor High School

  • I would like to personally thank you for your presentation here at San Juan. The students were very impressed and I know they listened to what you had to say. Thank you again for an outstanding hour of information.

    Linda Casagrande Jacoby
    San Juan High School

  • Most people I have talked to said they got really pumped up or inspired by his speech. They were especially impressed with the Ali speech, with his action, voice and audience involvement. Very impressive and fun!

    Jeff Carr
    Track Student Athlete
    University of Utah

  • Mr. Bracy’s story captivated the audience. Teachers came back to report that students said this was the best assembly ever; his personal story emphasized the point of the assembly.

    Theresa McCandless
    Stockton, California
    Bear Creek High School

  • Kevin,
    I want to thank you so much for speaking at our Martin Luther King Assembly today. The energy and passion for your work resonates. I heard many times during the remainder of the day how much Jackson High School students appreciated your message.

    Judi Montgomery
    Activities Director
    Jackson High School

  • I was so inspired after our conference in Palm Springs, that we expanded our theme beyond our mission. I talk “Dare to Be Great” every day with our soldiers, civilians and families. They all have responded. As of June 16 we are the number one ranked recruiting Battalion nationwide, this after almost a decade of mediocrity, and only two years ago we were 36 out of 38.

    Miguel D. Howe
    Lieutenant Colonel
    Special Forces U.S Army

  • Your personal story and presentation style was an overwhelming hit with our Air Force Enlisted audience. Your masterful, energy driven and emotional introspective has provided each attendee with an everlasting memory that will pay dividends in their leadership roles in the future.

    349 Air Mobility Wing Chiefs Group

  • Thank you so much for the inspirational presentations to our High School Baseball Coaches program and our Youth Character Combine this past Sunday. Your message was on point and inspired all who were our target population... My staff is still buzzing about your presentation and throwing out new ideas on how we can improve as an organization. Thank you so much. We will be partnering many more times in the near future.

    Tony Asaro
    River Cats Community Relations

  • Kevin Bracy has been a motivational speaker and mentor to students on the Elizabeth Pinkerton Middle School campus for the past year. His enthusiasm and passion for working with, and helping our students, has been outstanding. He handles himself with ease with 900 students as he commands their attention.

    Chandra Guckeen
    Vice Principal
    Pinkerton Junior High School

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